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Coronavirus Outbreak Facts On Different Perspectives

The coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan area of ​​China since the end of December 2019, and continues to plague to this day (48 days after the first outbreak). There are 4 things that interest me during 48 days of observing the spread of this coronavirus outbreak:


Statistics on the number of deaths has increased + the number of cases has increased BUT they have fixed mortality rate. The deceased victims were 600 out of 24000 cases, that made the mortality rate = 2%. Today, the death toll is 1400 from the number of 48000 cases, the mortality rate = remains 2%, WITH total recovery for 4700 patients.

If you have studied epidemiological statistics, it is clear that this case of coronavirus outbreak despite the rapid distribution of morbidity, the mortality rate (death) is still low in the range of 2%, so there are 98% of people who are sick and not died & will recover, while 9% recover completely in 48 days .


Now we try to do an analysis from the side of immunology. Any germ & virus that enters the human body will be responded to first by the non-specific immune system so that we will sneeze + runny on the first day of the 2nd day after infection, followed by a fever + cough during the 3rd day of the 7th day On the 8th day sp 14th the body will weaken, but we will recover on the 15th day.
immune system and memory cells to survive Coronavirus
immune system and memory cells to survive Coronavirus

Why did this happen? Because we have the immune system and memory cells to survive. After the first exposure, the specific immune system will respond by entering virus data into the memory cell to make a specific coronavirus Ab (antibody) that will be produced on day 7. Day-8 to day-14 the antibody will be mass produced by the spleen so that humans will be immune to coronavirus on day-15 & if there are coronaviruses that enter again on day our Antibody will be released automatically by bodies that already have coronavirus data in memory cells within 24 hours NOT in 7 days. This is what makes 98% of patients survive & 9% recover completely EVEN WITHOUT VACCINE.


Based on the virus structure, coronavirus is an enveloped virus made by glycoprotein. All enveloped viruses will be destroyed if exposed to fat solvents such as soap, any disinfectants, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaning liquid, even bleach.
Coronavirus replication

Implementing a clean lifestyle by washing clothes directly outside the house + washing hands + frequent mopping the floor + frequent bathing will greatly reduce the exposure of the virus from the outside into the human body, because the coronavirus protein envelope will be destroyed after exposed to most of the soap, cleaning household or desinfectants.


The only thing that makes coronavirus look so scary & makes everyone think tomorrow will be doomsday is HOAXOLOGY, a study about HOAX. News about the wrath of God which was blown away by the hypocratic politicians & the followers of religous radicals + the issue for Zoonotic PROBABILITY of coronavirus also spread by "science" project seekers that arrogantly take the advantage from the fears of the Indonesian people. All scientific literatures states that chickens, dogs, cats, pigs, cattle & DO NOT transmit coronavirus to humans (zoonoses). Even bats that ASSUMED transmiting coronaviruses to humans are still HYPOTHESES & not proven yet.

Coronavirus is a plague & disaster for all mankind on many countries, but I still scientifically believe that we, human have memory cells to survive and brain to THINK. I will maintain my personal hygiene, consume vitamin C + E to raise my antibody & WILL NOT make people panic by posting HOAX news to cause more chaos among the people.

We WILL FIGHT this coronavirus outbreak TOGETHER, Godspeed, & God Bless Wuhan people

Thank you.
Moh Indro Cahyono, DVM
Virus researcher & animal disease outbreaks consultant
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